Eachine VR-007 Pro VR007 5.8G 40CH Beginner FPV Goggles 4.3 Inch Video Headset

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This is the new and improved Pro version of the VR-007 goggle headset from Eachine. The receiver has been upgraded and so it now displays the power indicator and frequency.

The VR-007 Pro is a 4.3 inch FPV headset that uses a single 480×272 pixel LCD panel behind a Fresnel lens in a lightweight molded plastic enclosure. This enables ultra large viewing angles to get fully immersed into the FPV experience. A battery is also included that has a built-in USB charger to make it very easy to use. The built-in 40ch race band receiver ensures you will be able to use this with all your FPV transmitters.

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